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Palisades Interstate Park: Southern Section Hike

Length: 10 miles
Difficulty: easy or easy/moderate
Estimates hiking time (without stopping): Shore Path one-way: 2+ hours Long Path one-way: 3.25+ hours

There are two hikes available. Both include 5 easy miles hiking along the Shore Trail (white blazes) from the parking area located at the marina at exit 1 to the parking area of the marina (Alpine Boat Basin) at exit 2. The return to the parking area at exit 1 can be another easy 5 miles along the same path (the Shore Trail) you took to get to the parking area at exit 2.

The much more difficult return takes you back along the Long Path (blue blazes). This trail offers some great views and occasionally runs near the traffic of the parkway. To get to the Long Path from the marina at exit two requires taking an unmarked trail, called the Alpine Approach Trail, which links the two. The unmarked trail begins just north of the Blackledge Kearny House and is a really a steep roadway passable by Jeep. The Long Path meets this road where a tunnel on the left goes under a roadway, make a left and go through the tunnel following the blue blazes..

Driving directions to Palisades Interstate Park

Take the George Washington Bridge to the Palisades Interstate Highway North. Exit at Exit 1 and take the road down towards the water to the marina/park where there is a parking lot. Pay the parking fee and park in the parking lot (GPS: N 40.87567, W 073.94672).

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The entrance to the parking area. (August 2001)

The Parking area. (August 2001)

View of George Washington Bridge 
from parking area. (August 2001)

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