home page WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Hiking can be dangerous and the information furnished below may contain errors!

What to Bring on a Hike

1. Water - either a canteen or bottles of water (2+ liters strongly recommended, no glass bottles).
2. Hiking Boots (which are strongly preferred over sneakers with an aggressive tread pattern).
3. Sunscreen
4. Sunglasses
5. Hat
6. Lunch
7. Daypack (backpack) for lunch and water
8. Cellular Phone (for emergencies)
9. Binoculars (optional)
10.Emergency rain gear (use your judgment)
11.Extra money (use your judgment)
12.Altimeter, compass, topo/trail map (optional)
13.Camera (optional)
14.Traction Devices for Ice (i.e. Staibilicers)

What Else To Bring If You Are a Trip Leader or Hiking Alone

1. First Aid kit
2. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin,...)
3. Compass
4. GPS (nice to have)
5. Topo (and/or trail) map

What Not to Bring

1. Dog (call for permission, not always possible)


General Information / Protocol for Group Hikes

- All car passengers are expected to contribute their fair share towards gas, parking fees, and tolls.

- Check the weather forecast before leaving in the morning.

- Rain generally cancels group hikes, bring rain gear if there is any chance of precipitation (Murphy's Laws apply!).

- There will probably not be any public restrooms or stores to buy provisions where you will be hiking.

- There will probably not be any place to buy coffee where you will be hiking.

- If you are a driver then you should gas up your car before meeting the group.

- Have some form of identification on you in case of emergencies.


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