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Delaware Water Gap - Mount Tammany Hike

Length: 3.3 miles
Difficulty: moderate - strenuous (1,200' elevation gain, some rocky terrain / trailbed)
Estimated Hiking Time: 2.5+ hours

Take the Appalachian Trail (AT, white blazes) north (eastbound) for about 1.25 miles until you reach a 4-way intersection. To the left may be a trail going to "Campsite #1". Straight ahead is a continuation of the AT. Turn right onto the Holly Springs Trail (red blazes).

Take the Holly Springs Trail for about 0.5 miles until you reach the Dunnfield Creek Trail (green blazes). Make a right turn onto this trail. After about a mile you will intersect the Blue Dot Trail (blue blazes). Make a left turn onto this trail. After about one mile you will reach, on your left, a large rocky overlook (Mount Tammany) onto the Delaware Water Gap. Eat lunch here. After lunch take the Red Dot / Mt. Tammany Trail (red blazes) down to the parking area.

Shorter alternative: Start on white trail and then veer right onto blue dot trail to the top of Mt. Tammany. Take the Red Dot / Mt. Tammany Trail (red blazes) down to the parking area. Distance: 4 miles total (max)?

References: NY-NJ Trail Conference map #120

Driving Directions from NYC to the Delaware Water Gap

Take the George Washington Bridge to Route 80 West. Take Route 80 west for about 70 miles. About a mile before the bridge across the Delaware River, which separates New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there is a turn-off on the right for a parking/rest area. You willfirst see a parking area to the right, then an underpass to the left and then a second parking area on the right (and then a way to get back on Route 80 straight ahead). You will be parking in this second parking area to the right. It is where both the Appalachian and Mount Tammany trails can be found. The parking area is just after mile marker 1 on Route 80 (GPS: N 40.9716 W 75.12547).

If you miss the turn off for the parking area, take the very next exit, which is the last exit in New Jersey and then follow signs (to the left) for the National Park Service Visitor's Center and then take the underpass to get to the parking area described above. Do not cross the bridge to Pennsylvania. There is no toll to be paid on this trip (only at the GW bridge on the way back). If you have paid a toll, you have gone too far!

The total driving time is estimated at 1.5 hours without traffic. Total driving distance is about 75+ miles.

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High class facilities where the old visitors center used to be (September 2008).   The new Kittatinny Point Visitors Center slightly easy of where the old one used to be (September 2008).
"Dunnfield Creek Natural Area - Worthington State Forest" with the parking lot that the Appalachian and Red Dot trails pass through (park here!). (September 2008).   The entrance to the parking lot where you should park. (September 2008)
The Appalachian Trail trail head where you will start the hike. (September 2008)
The Mt Tammany Trail trail head where you will end the hike. (September 2008)    

View of the Delaware River from Mount Tammany (May 2005)

elevation profile

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