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Hiking in Harriman State Park:
Ramapo Torne and the Pulpit

Total Distance: 6 miles
Difficulty: Medium - Strenuous (not easy, hilly, some rock scrambles), approx. 1400' of elevation gain.
Estimated hiking time: 5 - 6 hours (group)

Take the Reeves Brook (white blazes) trail which starts at the far end of the parking lot of the visitor center (quick right near very beginning of red blazed trail). After about a hilly mile you cross the 7 Hills trail (blue blazes). Continue straight on the Reeves Brook trail. In a short distance the Reeves Brook Hills trail will end and meet the Racoon Brook Hills trail (black blazes usually inside white circles). Turn left onto the Raccon Brook Hills trail and in about a tenth of a mile you will come to an outlook with a good view called the Pulpit. Rest a short time here and drink some water.

Continue on the Racoon Brooks trail until you intersect the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago trail (orange blazes). Make a right onto the HTS and take this until you reach "Ramapo Torne", a big rock outcropping, which offers a great view. Drink some water and eat your lunch here.

Reverse your direction and take the first left onto the 7 Hills (blue blazes) trail. Follow this trail until it ends and meets the Pine Meadow trail (red blazes). Make a right and take this trail back to the parking lot. Drink some more water.

Note: Please note that some trails on this hike are better marked than others so please do pay attention to make sure that you are still on the trail that you think you are following.

References: NY-NJ Trail Conference Map #118, 50 Hikes in the Hudson Valley (second edition, p.25-29 - similar hike)

Driving Directions from New York City

Take the George Washington Bridge to the Palisades Interstate Highway heading North. In about 19 miles exit the parkway at exit 9W onto the Thruway (Route 87/287) which heads west. About 10 miles later, exit the Thruway at exit 15A. At the exit turn left onto Route 17 North. After about 2.5 miles, just north of the main street area in Sloatsburg, make a right onto Seven Lakes Drive. In less than 2 miles you will see the "Reeves Meadow Visitor Center" on the right. Park in the parking lot (N 41.17419, W 074.16872) next to it. The entire trip should take less than an hour.

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"Welcome to Reeves Meadow Visitor Center" (April 2005)   Reeves Meadow Visitor Center and parking area (August 2001)
Bathrooms in front, Visitor Center in back. (August 2001)    
Elevation profile for hike.

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